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You're everyday random big blue wolf


Lunarwings by RuinTheBigBlueWolf
A gift for my long time friend :iconlunahydreigon: 

If it weren't for you I don't think I'd be where I am today.
bluh! by RuinTheBigBlueWolf
An amazing piece of Dhavin made by the talented :iconfalkzii: through ArtFight
Dhavin by RuinTheBigBlueWolf
My arrow dog Dhavin that I adopted from :iconwitchkit: that was designed by the ever talented :iconmeritferret:
DTA fire tribe adoptable by RuinTheBigBlueWolf
DTA fire tribe adoptable
So this is the first time I've ever done a DTA so lets see how well this works.

This is a Fire Tribe Grimpeur with a cream base color along with a natural rust red marking color. The Purple and Pink are glow colors. Gender, name. rank of the Grimpeur is chosen by whoever wins it. 

1. Why do you want this character?
2. What are you intending on doing with it?
3. What rank are you planning for it?

Info on Fire Tribe 
Current Cheiftain: Ember

Wristband Color: Orange / Red

Fire tribesmen are generally born with fur colors ranging in hues of orange, gold, or light brown. Accents of other colors are not uncommon for markings or patterns. Their pelts are known to be thinner due to extreme climate temperatures of their homes. Ideal habitats for them are half-living forested areas that have been set ablaze on occasion. More specifically they live deep within interconnected underground caves in which magmas pockets can be found. Attracted to the terrain, they are impervious to the temperatures they live in. So much as to be able to swim in lava without any seriously damaging effects. In much the same regards as draconian creatures, fire tribe Grimpeurs will hoard a variety of treasures such as jewel within the walls of their cave sanctuaries.

For more info on Grimpeur check out our page…
Base by…

Good luck to all entrees!
This is going to be a master list of all the ranks and what they do.

Chieftains- they are the leaders of the Tribes, each tribe has one chieftain of the male gender as is tradition. There are cases when a female will pretend to be a male and become chieftain. The chieftains lead the Tribe, they Plan the patrols, make sure everyone within the tribe is fairing well, and protect the Tribe.

Healer- healers are the doctors of the tribe, there can be one or two of them within a tribe. They take care of the injured and sick, providing a doctors point of view in battle making plans when there is a battle to be with the Chieftain.

Scribe- Scribes are the keepers of history within the tribes, there can be from one to three of them within one tribe. The scribes record history and attempt to understand the past, and what The Ancients, their ancestors, done in the past.

Warrior- the protectors of the tribes, there are many of them within a tribe. Warriors usually handle battles and boarder patrols, making sure there are no trespassers in the tribes territory.

Guards- guards are the ones who protect the tribes camp, rarely going far from the camp unless they are guarding a specific grimpeur, there can be many of these in a tribe.

Hunters- hunters are the ones who go out and find food for the tribe, weither it be birds, mice, rabbits, fish, etc. They will hunt it down and kill it so the tribe can eat. There are many of these within a tribe.

Gatherers- gatherers are the ones who go out and gather items such as berries, herbs, plants, and anything shiny or useful for the tribe and bring it back. There are many of these in a tribe.

Weapon makers- weapon makers are the ones who take things such as rocks, sticks, and anything moldable into a weapon for the warriors and guards to use. There are one to two of these in a tribe.

Armor maker- they are basically just like a weapon maker only they use bone as well to make armor for warriors and guards. There are one to two of these in a tribe.

Apprentice- these are the young kits that are old enough to start to fend for themselves, they begin training to be what they want to be in the future. There are many of these in a tribe.

Kits- these are the young grimpeur who aren't really old enough to fend for themselves, they still rely on their mothers and fathers, as soon as a kit can walk they begin to play and three moons (months) after they can walk they will be old enough to be apprentices. There are many of these in a tribe.

The tribeless- weither they were exiled themselves or if they are the children of an exiled grimpeur, these are the ones who have no tribe and live without the traditions of the tribes.

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